Meat cheese platters / gift baskets (2)

Meat cheese platters:

Only available on preorder!

Gift idea:

You can arrange your own gift basket from the following farm products:

Alpine cheese, Rohesswurst, sausage Chili, Harzerknebel, dry sausage, eggs

div. jam and syrup, Curry Zucchetti, garlic, Crunchy nuts, Apple slices

Farm Products

The following farm produce can be purchased
directly at the machine:
  • Alpine cheese
  • Mutschli
  • Hobelkäse
  • dry sausage
  • sausage Chili
  • Mik
  • eggs
  • syrup
  • jam
  • Crunchy nuts
  • Apple slices
  • garlic
  • Snacks
  • drinks